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Following the accidental death of her father, Dulcie Morrigan Jones is taken to California by a mom who decides that she and her daughter should move away from Connecticut to reinvent themselves. But Dulcie doesn’t think she needs reinventing. Dulcie's solution? She steals her dead dad’s Chevy pickup truck and heads back home to Connecticut. There, under the supervision of a larger than life grandfather, she meets Roxanne Soule, a girl whose scary home life makes Dulcie realize that her own situation might not be so bad. And luckily for Roxanne, Dulcie Morrigan Jones is a girl with a storehouse of strength and generosity of spirit that stretches on for miles.


Reviews for Defining Dulcie:

" inextricable mix of sadness and humor, sorrow and hope, are the hallmark of this memorable first novel..." School Library Journal (starred review)


"Acampora's work strikes a perfect balance between the serious and the comical."  VOYA (5Q 5P)

"A carefully crafted, impressive debut."  Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Dulcie's deadpan wit, the quirky road-trip premise, and a cast of appealing adult and teen characters combine in this unusually strong first novel…” Booklist (starred review)

"...a delightful book... as deep or as easy as the reader desires"
KLIATT (starred review)


"Acampora is one to watch."  Kirkus Reviews

"a delightful story about a girl who loves..." Eclectica Magazine

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